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Welcome to the Dark Rides Forum
« on: June 22, 2013, 12:45:00 PM »
Hello everyone!

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Bill. I'm going to be leading the creation of Theme Park Studio's Dark Rides Components. This covers everything for the dark ride experience, from the themed queue to the loading, to the ride itself, and the exit... maybe even into a themed gift shop!

I say maybe because there are so many features that we can include in dark rides, there's no possible way we can include every single thing. But don't worry, because all of you will have the power of suggestion. With the assistance of the rest of the Theme Park Studio Team, I've been able to create an area to collect YOUR suggestions!

This specific topic allows you to vote for which features are most important to you, as well as suggest your own ideas for dark rides.

I hope that you will find this a great tool to suggest ideas for Theme Park Studio going forward. However, with great tools comes great responsibility. There are two important things to remember about this system:

1. Be selective about your voting! If everyone votes for everything, we will not have a way to see what is the most important to most users, so please only vote for the ideas that are most important to you.

2. Be unique! Before posing a new idea, be sure that it does not already exist. If two ideas exist that are similar or overlap, each idea will only get half as many votes, and no one wants that. It is to your benefit that you submit the votes to ideas that already exist instead of creating a new identical idea. However, if you do have a unique idea, post it! At this stage, there is no such thing as a bad idea. (Though, as always, please keep the features G-rated.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message!

Have a blast!

-Bill Zanetti
Executive Producer & Dark Rides Team Leader
Theme Park Studio
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-Bill Zanetti


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Re: Welcome to the Dark Rides Forum
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2013, 03:29:06 PM »
Will there be additional forums for other ride types/categories? i.e. Tracked rides/roller coasters and flat rides. These rides can also produce as much discussion as dark rides for their own forums.


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Re: Welcome to the Dark Rides Forum
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2014, 07:08:52 AM »
Bill, Do you have some news about dark-rides?


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