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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your valuable feedback and suggestions.  This thread will log the bug fixes, community requests, improvements, and optimizations up until release.  We will be updating this thread daily, so please check back.  Thank you for your support

Theme Park Studio Team.


    ********** VR Development **********
    • Ported Engine to new platform for Vr support (this was 50 percent of the past few months work)
    • Added advanced multi-threading, and creating new optimized lighting techniques, generates huge framerate boosts in our runtime player
    • Added new ‘VR Ready’ category to front menu
    • Implemented Vive HMD support with position tracking;
    • Implemented Oculus HMD support with position tracking.
    • Xbox controller support
    • Vive controller support,
    • By community request we added hot keys for quick teleporting to coasters and rides, including a ride reset that allows the player to jump right into the seat at anytime
    • Fix players getting stuck in rides due the gates closing before the fully exited
    • Fixed stuck zoom issue after exiting a ride

    ********** Editor Development **********

    • Added new front animated menu
    • Fixed the editor opening script error
    • Fixed wood coaster support crash
    • Fixed ride positioning of characters
    • Fixed all coaster support connections to coaster rails
    • Peeps can now  walk under raised objects.  For example, they walk through entrances made from the custom build sets that contain roofs.
    • When touching a path it now selects the closest node, not necessarily the touched path segment, making it a little more intuitive
    • Removed the rename dialog, making renaming duplicates the default
    • Fixed lag when placing objects using Control and Alt (a major optimization, especially when building large parks)
    • Remove lag when selecting objects.  (this was a big deal and is much faster now, especially when building large parks)
    • Fine tuned selection of coaster and support nodes, avoiding accidental mis-selection
    • Removed  accidental scaling of flat rides
    • Fixed crash that happened when terrain property was changed to Dynamic
    • Fixed crash when editing track properties with no track piece selected.
    • Increased edge scroll and zoom speed per backer request
    • Increased the maximum number of trains per coaster to 100 (for mouse coaster or dark ride possibilities)
    • Fixed bug that terra-formed around only 1 path section when ‘Clear’ terrain was enabled. 
    • Fixed 3D scaling on mesh objects.  You can now press ‘Control’ for width scale, ‘Shift’ for height scale, ‘Alt’ for depth scale, ‘Control’ + ‘Alt’ for width+depth scale, and drag with no keys for uniform scale.
    • Fixed scale for Custom Scenery Builder
    • Exporting custom scenery, or parks, will now alert user if no thumbnail has been included
    • Fixed anti-alias and glow filters
    • Improved depth buffer resolution, which removed flickering on some video cards when anti-alias/glow was enabled

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Re: Bug fixes, Community requests, Improvements, and Optimizations
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2016, 12:16:33 AM »
Glad to see things going well.
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Re: Bug fixes, Community requests, Improvements, and Optimizations
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2016, 11:24:02 AM »
Excellent, great list of fixes there!!


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Re: Bug fixes, Community requests, Improvements, and Optimizations
« Reply #3 on: August 06, 2016, 04:01:44 AM »
Great news and I'm happy that TPS is still working on the issues!
BR Michael
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