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Mistakes made uploading to the workshop
« on: March 09, 2016, 04:49:08 AM »
There was a number of mistakes made by creators of coasters when uploading (publishing ) to the workshop. Pleasee read and follow these instructions (thank you beckyfootslave for making this available ):

Some people don't know that coasters shouldn't be published as a ride!
You can do it but that is wrong! TPS can't open a coaster as a ride!
Publishing as a ride is just (and only) for flat-rides!

These are the TAGS for TPS Workshop:

1. TPS Park (this is for Parks AND for Coasters till the Workshop has "TPS Coasters" tag)
2. TPS Custom Scenery (The Name is self-explanatory (signs, flags, stones, houses etc.))
3. TPS Environment (Sky Maps)
4. TPS Ride (THIS is ONLY for Flat-Rides!!!)
5. TPS Park - Award (this is for the Park(s) of the month)

So would the people who published their coaster as a ride, publish them as a Park and delete the false ones from workshop?
There are really good coasters but TPS can't open them or even crashes because TPS tries to open a flat-ride which had different conventions than a coaster!

With one of the next updates it will be possible to publish just the coaster that you made, but for now please publish your coasters as a Park!

Thanks to all of you creative minds out there who make TPS the best theme park experience ever!!!

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