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Re: Feb.12.2016 TPS Update and Final Community Requests
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When can we expect the Platinum Edition to be shipped it seems like it's been forever since I first backed TPS!

Excerpt from announcement on Steam
Hello Everyone,

We wanted to give you a progress report and let everyone know we are working hard, even through the weekends, to finish TPS and implement community requests.

We have started a thread which will itemize each bug fix, community request, improvement, and optimization as they are completed up to release. If you want to review our progress, feel free to follow this thread. We will be updating it regularly:

So far, we have implemented Oculus and Vive support, Xbox controller support, Vive controller support, and by community request we added hot keys for quick teleporting to coasters and rides. We even added a ride reset that allows the player to jump right into the seat at anytime. So far, the Gyro Swing, Turbo Force, and wood coasters have received some great feedback, with our unique physics based flat ride solution producing an ultra real VR experience. We will also be posting some great new VR parks, and plan some great dark rides for our VR audiences.

With most of the VR work complete, we will be dividing our time between finishing TPS and polishing VR with our VR test group. We are nearing completion of TPS Gold edition and, after our this final round of bug fixes/optimizations , we will add the Platinum features and ship the boxed edition.
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