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Easy dark ride bulids
« on: January 12, 2016, 06:24:47 AM »
Ok ive been thinking how would it be easy to crate dark rides without the constant individual walls ceilings lighting etc that is massively time consuming.
Now I thought, whoeva has played timesplitters future perfect will get where I'm going with this. Level Editor/creator mode:

So there is a menu that runs a separate program within tps that gives you a base map/grid and pre made pieces of rooms/areas can be snapped together to create a much bigger environment. The scenery can either be chosen from pre fab or changed after from a skins menu. So there can be a set theme or blank, then altered after the initial placement of the walls/rooms etc.
There should be preset lighting that can be altered and moved if required to create as light or dark effect as you wish.
 This is for ride queues or tight dark rides, not rollercoasters.
I think animatronic doors etc can be placed in certain locations within the rides simply with preset commands like motion activated, timed or ride location/track.
I see it as a base project that can be expanded to help users who are learning and also to help develop really close interactive environments.
This is just my idea of a really simple layout for dark rides that can basically allow for mass expansion depending on what your into.
TPS isn't allowing me to save any objects for some reason but I was thinking of developing a few "rooms" that can be used as base designs for future dark rides.   
please make some dark ride layouts!


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