Author Topic: Holiday World plans to install nation first launched wing coaster "Thunderbird"  (Read 950 times)


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I live in Louisiville, KY, which is close to this park, so I started hearing that they were going to invest in a new ride there.  Last night they finally revealed what it is going to be, the world's first launched wing coaster named "Thunderbird".

Here is the link to the story:

Looks like I may finally make the drive up there next year and go to their park.  Still waiting for Kentucky Kingdom to start re-adding some coasters, and I'll be going there again.  Is a bummer that they no longer have Chang.
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I cannot express how much i love that they did this


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Wing coasters are kinda cool but most of them only do inversions as opposed to drops. While inversions are fun, they drain most of the thrill without a balance between the number of drops and inversions like any other roller coaster.


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