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Title: Can we get a status update?
Post by: Dayradon on February 16, 2017, 07:27:36 PM
Been away for a while (almost a year).  What is the status of Dark rides?  Namely do we have a means yet to create a room that when completely enclosed it is pitch black?  Personally I'd much rather see that implemented than VR support.

When I create a mountain, or space ride (giant box ride like space mountain) I expect it to be dark, and lit with the lighting I implement not be lit up much like it is outside.  Using VR does not improve this situation  The  immersive experience is as much about lighting, props, and set, as it is about the VR aspect.  Any set designer can tell you this and any ride designer at almost every theme park will too.

So how much progress has been made in this area since it was first requested by users?  How much effort (man/hours lets say) has actually been put in? How many in the last year even?